Do We Need More Law Schools?

Interesting article, yet if we are to believe that Wall Street analysis, a newly minted lawyer has a 50/50 shot of finding a position as an attorney within nine months of graduation. It is difficult to imagine our country without a legal system supported by the best attorneys available, though to find and train the best legal talent the focus needs to be on making one’s aspirations as an attorney attainable. Law schools can be built and lawyers can be prepared to practice law, yet beginning one’s career cemented in debt is a harsh introduction into the legal world.

Perhaps the two year law school concept discussed recently by President Obama and the legal community would attract  prospective legal scholars who would otherwise avoid law school and additional educational debt. An alternative plan must come to fruition that encompasses real solutions and answers our need for educated attorneys and avoidance of unnecessary law school debt.

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In Life…

The truth takes but a few words.

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